NJ's Biggest Winter Wave Rules


NJ’s Biggest Winter Wave contest period runs 11/15/20 through 04/15/21. The photographer that submits the photo of a surfer on the biggest NJ wave, surfed during the contest period, wins the cash purse to split with the surfer in the photo. SUBMISSIONS must be emailed to njbiggestwinterwave@gmail.com with NJBWW ENTRY in the subject field. Photos can only be submitted by the photographer of each photo. Crisp, sharp high resolution photos only please. Low resolution, blurry, pixelated or small photos won’t be considered.  Video stills are accepted but must be high res, crisp and sharp. NO drone, GoPro or SOLOSHOT images.  Photographer is responsible for identifying the surfer riding the wave and getting their permission to submit and enter. Submitted photo must have the camera and camera raw file metadata, this is written into the photo automatically and if it is omitted then photo is void of entry. Right click on the photo thumbnail and click get info, take a screenshot of all the info and attach that screenshot with your entry to the email. Photographer or surfer cannot win the purse on their own, total purse is split with each other. Largest wave face height, with a surfer on the wave surfing, takes it (surfer has to be on their feet in photo). Photographers are limited to ten entries per contest year, after the tenth entry nothing will be accepted from that photographer, so choose wisely. Sequences not accepted, photographer must choose which photo they want to enter and submit that one photo. Entries will be judged by a qualified panel, made up of lifelong NJ surfers, including hall of famers, accomplished photographers and industry legends (all remain anonymous). Should two or more entries be too close to differentiate, we will have the public decide by voting on them through social media. Shortboard and longboard surfers allowed, sorry no bodyboarders, SUPS, foils or kiteboarders or anything else for this contest. Tow-ins and step-offs are allowed to get surfer into the wave. Proof that the photo was taken in NJ during the contest period will be required. We reserve the right to disqualify any submission for appearance of faking, unclear proof that the photo was taken in NJ during the contest period, negativ­e or shady shit, etc. @njbiggestwinterwave and @epicshirts retain the rights to use any submitted photo in promotional posters, flyers, ads, social media, etc. Purse is $2,500 to split between winning surfer and photographer.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/njbiggestwinterwave/